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This tour of Bethlehem and Jericho heads past the Inn of the Good Samaritan; where Jesus set his famous parable ,Exhilarating and spiritually-charged journey the Bethlehem and Jericho tour. Pickup and Drop off from hotels at :Jerusalem,Tel Aviv, Netanya and Herzliya

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We drive south from Jerusalem in the direction of the Dead Sea on the way we pass the Inn of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:29-37) and continue on through the Biblical wilderness of the Judean Desert.
We pass Wadi Kelt and can see the 5th century Monastery of Saint George. We pause at the mark which indicates that we have reached "sea level" and from there we continue on to Jericho 258 meters below sea level. This ancient city features in both the New and Old Testament. Joshua led his troops around the city walls until they fell (Joshua 6) and Jesus entered Jericho after his sojourn in the wilderness (Luke 19:1-10). When Jesus entered Jericho, The City of Palms, the tax collector Zachaeus climbed a sycamore tree to see him better and we stop to take a look at this ancient tree. Jesus spent forty days and forty nights on the nearby Mount Temptation, here the devil tried to turn Jesus away from God but Jesus responded "Man shall not live by bread alone." (Mathew 4:1-4). Our journey takes us back towards Jerusalem and the Judean Mountains where we visit Bethlehem, both the home of Jesse, King David's father and the place where Jesus was born (Mathew 2:1).
From Manger Square we enter through a small door into the Church of the Nativity. The church was built in the 4th century over the grotto where Jesus was born and later in the 6th century the church was reconstructed. In recent times the church has been restored and renovated. Within the church is the Grotto of the Nativity where a star marks the spot where Jesus was born and an altar to the three Wise Men. Next we visit the Crusader Church of Saint Catherine and see the underground grotto where Saint Jerome painstakingly translated the Bible from Hebrew to Latin, creating the Vulgate. We make another stop in Bethlehem at the Shepherds Field where an Angel of the Lord appeared to shepherds on Christmas night to tell them of the imminent birth of the savior.


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What To Expect

This tour of Bethlehem and Jericho heads past the Inn of the Good Samaritan; where Jesus set his famous parable. Driving through the Judean Desert past Wadi Kelt we see the 5th-century Monastery of St. George clinging to the cliffs and stop briefly at the sign indicating “sea level” before descending to Jericho.
In the Old Testament the walls of Jericho fell as Joshua marched his army around the perimeter in the name of God. In the New Testament Zachaeus the tax collector climbed a sycamore fig tree to see Jesus entering Jericho. On our Jericho tour, we see the famed sycamore tree. We can spot Mount Temptation not far from Jericho. Here Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness and the devil tried to tempt Him to forsake God.
Leaving Jericho the tour continues to Bethlehem where Christ was born just over 2,000 years ago. The Bethlehem tour stops in Manger Square where we visit the Church of the Nativity, that holds the Grotto of the Nativity where Jesus was born and where the original excavated mosaic of the 4th century can be seen. Today the church is a treasure trove of exquisite features. In the Holy Grotto, a silver star indicates the exact place Christ was born. 
The next stop in Bethlehem is the Church of St. Catherine. We go beneath the church into an ancient cave where St. Jerome translated the Hebrew Bible into Latin. We leave Bethlehem on our return journey to Jerusalem and pass Shepherds Field. It was here that shepherds watched their sheep by night on Christmas Eve. After an exhilarating and spiritually-charged journey the Bethlehem and Jericho tour comes to an end.


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  • Comfortable walking shoes and water are recommended
  • Modest dress is obligatory for visits to holy sites; covered knees and shoulders
  • Due to visitors overload a visit down to Nativity cave is not always possible
  • It is possible to have pick ups/ drop offs in different cities. However, we do not disperse to specific drop off locations
  • Jericho guiding is in English only!

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