Red Canyon, Desert Agriculture, and Kibbutz Life Tour from Eilat Only $65

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The Red Canyon, Kibbutz Ketura and Neot Smadar Tour from Eilat., Visit many of the foremost mesmerized natural sites in Israel and arguably the complete region. the Red canon, spectacular desert scenery.

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The Red Canyon Eilat is a popular hiking spot for nature lovers, located near the city of Eilat – Trekking through the curved narrow paths the visitor can see interesting walls for climbing, it is one of the popular places for tourists.

Its offers 3 different hiking trails, including one above the canyon and another down below.  
The main route is one kilometer in length and takes approximately an hour and a half to hike. The walk turns out to be very pleasant, memorable, beautiful and explore the unusual species.
The Red Canyon Eilat is also a popular destination point for desert jeep tours and its also known for exciting sliding areas.  
Due to the size and shape of the rocks in the Red Canyon Eilat, the local park authority requires hand and foot grips for the two alternate routes.  Erosion, wind and recent floods have created slippery slopes enjoyed by many trekkers Off road adventure often brings outdoor travellers to the Red Canyon Eilat for hiking before continuing with other activities like Bedouin tea, a visit to the Timna Park or camel rides.



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