Shuttle from Tel Aviv to The Dead Sea $20

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One Way Bus Shuttle .Whether you want a day of relaxation at the lowest point on Earth The Dead Sea. Everyday .Experience the cooling waters at the lowest point on Earth at 'private beach'

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 for groups or individuals.


  • Pickup from Tel Aviv with our professional fully escorted our pick-up and drop-off service.
  • Moving down through the Judean Desert  the lowest region on Earth (photo stop at Sea Level, if time permits)
  • Float in the waters of the Dead Sea, and immerse yourself in the therapeutic mud.



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   All times are approximate 



  •  transportation from TLV to The Dead Sea.
  • Not include Health insurance
Who does our service suit?

* Customers who do not want to drive the road to the Dead Sea for various reasons: significant savings in fuel costs, motorization, etc., 
* unfamiliarity with roads and roads, convenience - shuttles reach the hotel door and back. 
* Small groups that do not fill buses or the minimum room required for a discounted group price. 
* Establishments that do not want to disable or close the plant for a long weekend or several days for an organized vacation.
* You get on a luxurious and air conditioned bus at the tourist level, the cheaper price!  
   Dead Sea Shuttle from Tel Aviv this is a unique experience that is so often embedded in the minds of visitors to Israel long after their trips here have finished. 
 The Dead Sea.It is a top tourist attraction due to its historical significance and magnificient views of the Judean Desert and Dead Sea. 
​* You will find at the arrival some of the finest Dead Sea restaurants and dining options: kosher, meat, fish, daily, grill, cafes and more. 

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