If you live in Israel, or are planning for a visit to Israel and also a fan of illustration and art, then you better not miss a chance of participating in Tel-Aviv Illustration Week, as these opportunities don’t come quite often. The Tel-Aviv Illustration Week is an event that occurs for about seven days in Tel Aviv, the city of Israel. In this event, you will find hundreds of art galleries, having sculptures and designs created by one of the top artists of Israel as well as International level professional artists.


Activities in Tel-Aviv Illustration Week For a deeper understanding of this event, we have gathered collective information for you on how and when the event is going to occur so take a look at the details below;

  1. The opening night of this event will occur on 21/11 of Thursday at 8:00 pm, introducing a variety of exhibits, galleries, sculptures at Abraham Hotel, Tel Aviv. Galleries will be located on the underground floor, to the first-floor lounge, and then to the roof on the 3rd floor. The exhibitions will include;

• ‘Life – How To” – Main Gallery (Floor -1) • “Hasadna” – Yana Buckler's Workshop

Here you will find a bunch of infographic posters related to life with the theme of how to? Such as; How to make this recipe? How to set up a café in one day? Etc.

  1. There will be free admission for those who would want to participate.
  2. There will be a “Duck & Dodo Art Group” in which, every artist has to present an illustration related to personal life in which, more than 200 illustrations would be included which have been completed within 40 weeks such as “becoming a mother.” The theme changes each week, causing an artist to bring up a new generation of ideas to present to the public.
  3. #the100dayproject: It’s an Instagram project and that is the reason why it has inserted a “hashtag” in it. In this project, people show up great ideas, inspirational stories through 100 workdays illustrations. It’s about the reality of a busy life sort of thing.
  4. Tel-Aviv on a Plate: This you will find in the 1st floor of this hotel. Here you will get a glimpse of delicious desserts, exotic cuisines both traditional and western ready to improve your hunger game.
  5. On the opening night of this event, the ripples will customize, both the beer and coffee for you by printing the “CityKat” illustration on it, making your day an unforgettable one.

Date and Timings The event of Tel-Aviv Illustration Week begins on November 21/2019 and ends on December 21/2019 at Abraham Hostel from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm.