Planning on visiting Israel before Christmas ? , then we suggest you not miss your chance in becoming part of the great winter festival. Christmas is just around the corner, so the world has started doing preparations for that. As you know, Christmas in Israel is not so huge as compared to western countries however, Galilee is a place where you get to see it being celebrated highly.

Every year, Galilee sets up, for the celebration of the Christmas festival. Its streets and villages are decorated with lights and other charms. The reason why it loves celebrating Christmas is due to a large number of Christian Arab villages found in the western part of Galilee.


Following are some of the villages, you might expect to celebrate Christmas in Galilee;

  1. Mi’ilya
  2. Beit Jann
  3. Kfar Yasif
  4. Tarshiha

Winter Festival During the Christmas period, the winter festival is also taken into action as it’s the best festival which one must not miss to go to. It's jam-packed with fun, laughter, food, enjoyment and much more. It offers tons of events to its guests such as; culinary workshops by baking experts, arts and crafts, culinary tours, great cuisine, festive dinners and much more.

If you are a fan of art, then workshops related to arts and crafts might gain your attention. Such workshops are also offered at this festival to keep the audience entertained. It’s a great place to visit with your family and if you have kids as they offer; storytelling, singing, group singing, riding, and other great shows for the entertainment of guests.

As for those of you who have an adventurous side, don’t need to worry, there are a lot of adventure related activities as well held for the guests such as; motorbike riding, jeep tour, Galilee Christmas run, Christmas tour, etc.

Benefits of Winter Festival For those of you who might be wondering what benefits they would get from participating in winter festival then they should look for the details below; • You will get free coffee as a guest on the festival day by Café Ritual • Free goat ice-cream in Kenya by Alto Dairy if ordered over $43.21 • Tusha bakery offering 10% discount on all bakery products only on festival days • Free 330ml complimentary bottle of beer by Queen’s beer on order of a business meal • Free dessert for a tasty dinner ordered at Adelina Restaurant • Free wine taste testing at Talent Winery

There are a lot of great benefits being offered to guests coming at the winter festival to make their day worth remembering.

Other Activities There are a lot of great activities held at the winter festival, however, many of them are those you might not be familiar of. That’s where we come to help. Below are the list of great activities to be held at the winter festival. • Ice cream workshop, how it’s made • Chocolate and colors workshop for kids • The vegan cosmetics manufacturing workshop • Works of the light • Circus for kids • Knife forging workshop • Quilt workshop, the Hawaiian embroidery • The house of cheese/ taste some great cheese-related food And much more. This is an event to not miss. It’s a perfect event for celebrating Christmas in winters for everyone including adults, children, couples, families, etc.

Event Details The event officially starts from December 19/2019 and ends on December 21/2019. Get more information at